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People with speech disturbance will communicate on Neurochat

Russian scientists from «Neurotrend» company have developed a project called Neurochat. The Innovation is designed for people who have lost communication skills after a stroke or head injury (about 15 million people on the planet). Now they can get on with their social lives with the help of mobile headset.

«In the Neurochat we use a neuro-headset, put it on the patient head. It is, in fact, a mini electroencephalograph that removes the activity of the brain-cortex. Symbols and letters highlighted in a certain way are displayed on the monitor. The patient reads them with the power of the brain. The device records changes in bioelectroactivity and identifies the letters that the patient wants to communicate. Then, they add up to sentences on the monitor,» Igor Zimin, Neurotrend Development Director, explains.

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We are doing our best to tell the story of our project to the world so that a unique solution designed to solve problems of millions of people would be known all over and would be available to those who need it. Here we will share with you main news about NeuroChat.

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