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NeuroChat is all the features of an innovative brain-computer interface platform for neurocommunication and neurotraining at home. Convenient and easy-to-use at any time.

If your relative, friend or someone you know has a communication problem due to impaired speech and movement functions, or you are purely interested in a new method of communication - neurocommunication, which is carried out through direct contact between the brain and the computer, you can purchase NeuroChat for personal use. For individuals, we offer variety of services where you can not only purchase the system but also rent it.



You can purchase NeuroChat for home use.

The kit includes: “Garant-EEG” neuro-headset, conductive gel, a syringe for the gel, cleaning brush, battery (for the amplifier unit), and a battery charger.

The cost of NeuroChat for personal use is 2500$. In addition to the hardware and software complex, this price includes distance education courses, technical and methodological support, as well as for residents of Moscow - a one-time visit by company specialists who will install and train the user and his assistants. If you have any questions during the operation, you can always contact us and get advice or technical support.




Then look at how some of our users work with NeuroChat at home and in rehabilitation centers.


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