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We are doing our best to tell the story of our project to the world so that a unique solution designed to solve problems of millions of people would be known all over and would be available to those who need it. Here we will share with you main news about NeuroChat.

Five Russian startups will receive investment to enter Eastern markets
18 October 2018
The NeuroChat project and the FlowVision company were noted in the Japan session. NeuroChat is a communication system for people wit... Read more...
In Russia, develop a neuro-headset for people with speech and motor disorders
25 August 2018
The other day it became known that developers from the company Neurotrend together with partners are going to present in November th... Read more...
Skolkovo system of communication 'by force of thought' will go on sale at the end of the year
16 August 2018
The communication system dubbed 'NeuroChat', created by a Skolkovo resident company, is meant for people with speech and movement li... Read more...