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Until the end of November you can get Neurochat for free, from December the system will be available only on a commercial basis. To get Neurochat now, please, contact our Social service by calling 8(499)964-03-55 or fill in the for.



You can buy Neurochat system for mass use in your organization. Neurochat can be installed in a separate room to be used by rehabilitation center patients, by pupils of school with inclusive education or by people who are just interested in neurocommuniations. It is a mobile system, so it could be installed in any room in couple of minutes.

Neurochat complex package includes “GarAnt-EEG” neuroheadset, specialized interface “ErgoSteam”, which is installed on user’s computer or notebook (software is installed by Neurochat technician and is not provided on individual data carrier), electrically conductive gel, syringe to put gel into electrodes, brush for electrodes cleaning, battery (is put into amplifier), charger for battery and User Manual.

To make Neurochat working you need wired Internet connection not less than 6 Mb, a socket and a computer. We do not recommend to use Neurochat in a room with bright intensive light or in front of window in order to avoid glares on the screen, which may affect better use of the system.

Neurochat system price is $2500. It includes the  price of the export declaration and doesn’t include the cost of  delivery.

We offer flexible conditions of delivery and payment.

Monthly subscription fee of Neurochat system is $15. It is a base fare, which includes not only access to different Neurochat services but also technical support.



After you completed the purchase, we provide mandatory personnel training: our support team will teach you how to install the headset, how to run the program, do calibrations, handle a communication session and so on. If you suppose that your specialists need more profound training, additional practice hours or you just want to know more about neurocommunication – you can book training of any duration. Training course is created individually and can be flexible to meet your requests; the price depends on final content and hours.

To book a training course, please contact our specialists by calling 8(499) 964-03-55 or request a call back


Neurochat is an innovation product based on a new for average user technology – brain-computer interface. That is why we have created special Social Service. It involves technicians who set up the software on user’s computer and help to solve technical problems and specialists who teach users to communicate with their minds and consult relatives on maintaining the system. All our team has experience in working with patients with speech and movement disorders in rehabilitation centers and medical institutions.

You may contact our Social Service by calling 8(499)964-03-55 or request a call back

Where Neurochat works


Here you can watch video lessons describing every step of using Neurochat system from putting on a headset up to the whole maintenance of the equipment. Step by step video instructions will help you to get answers on every question, which may appear while working with the system.


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